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Liquid Damage Process

thinq mac liquid damage recovery is a combination of state-of-the-art procedures. thinq mac is proud to have a 99% success rate in reviving liquid damaged devices if our process is followed from start to finish.

There are a few important key steps to take if there has been any liquid spilled on your computer or iPhone including water, toilet spills, pool water, milk, juice, beer, coffee and even other liquids like suntan lotion!

1. Do NOT turn on the device OR plug it in to power of any other kind. If the device is still on, TURN IT OFF!

2. If the device has a removable battery, remove it by any normal means. If you are not sure how to properly remove the battery, please do not attempt to do so. Doing so can cause further damage to the device.

3. If the device is a computer and the liquid went in through the keyboard, open the lid and turn the computer upside down so that the keyboard faces the ground. The liquid can potentially come back out of the keyboard.

4. Bring the device to thinq mac! We are the liquid damage treatment experts!

After bringing your device to thinq mac, there are 2 options:


1. Basic Liquid Damage Treatment for board corrosion (48-72 hours and $199)

2. Advanced Liquid Damage Repair for board burns (2-4 weeks and $399)


1. Basic Liquid Damage Treatment for board corrosion (48-72 hours and $99)

2. Advanced Liquid Damage Repair for board burns (2-4 weeks and $299)

The Liquid Damage Treatment takes approximately 48 hours to be applied effectively, and treats only corrosion on damaged devices. Sometimes, if the device can not be fully saved, data CAN STILL be retrieved. If you have any doubts, it makes more sense to have us look at your device rather than be left without your photos, contacts, and memories! The Liquid Damage Treatment is a chemical treatment process we go through using chemical baths and detergents that are not harmful to computers and circuit boards. We take the utmost care in getting your computer back up and running, and if we can't do that, the price of the treatment is greatly reduced, to cover only some of our time and supplies.

The Liquid Damage Repair process is a component-level repair service that a thinq mac business partner team will perform off-site if the corrosion has gotten bad enough to cause burns to the logic board. thinq mac will be responsible for sending out your device to our business partner team that performs Apple logic board repairs. This process may take 2-4 weeks depending on the severity of the damage. The Liquid Damage Repair cost includes the original Liquid Damage Treatment cost. If the Advanced Liquid Damage Repair is presented as an option but not taken, thinq mac charges $49 for the attempt made to repair the computer. If both the Treatment and Repair fail, there will be no charge.

It is possible that after either the Liquid Damage Treatment or the The Liquid Damage Repair services, your device may still need certain components replaced. Specifically, the keyboard sometimes needs replacement after a board repair on an Apple laptop computer. Sometimes other internal components can also become damaged due to liquid spills. These parts are replaced rather than repaired.

We accept devices via walk-in to our store, as well as mail-in. We ship all devices back to you free of charge. Please call or email to set up a ticket before mailing any devices to thinq mac.

Prices do not include CT sales tax of 6.35%. Please call us at 203-807-8727 for more info.

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