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Business IT Support Services

Please call us at 203-807-8727 for information or to set up an initial consultation for your business, or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.
We offer a free one-hour initial meeting to discuss business needs and see if thinq mac is a good fit for your business.

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Wired and Wireless Network Design
At thinq mac, we understand that network speed is more than just convenient, it’s a necessity. Our network design and architecture services are user friendly, reliable and fast. Our services consist of.
  • Router Setup
  • Access Point Setup
  • WiFi Deployment
  • CAT5 Termination
  • RJ45 Termination

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    Mail Server Setup
    With thinq mac managing your email, say goodbye to downtime and spam messages. Email should be fast, convenient, reliable, easy, and secure. Move to our managed email service and experience the most robust email platform on earth.
  • Mail Migration
  • Highly Secure Email
  • World Class Spam Filters
  • Compatible with Apple Mail
  • Use on iPhone and iPad
  • Fast, reliable mail syncing

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    Allworx VoIP Systems
    Have a small or medium business? Consider the benefits of voice communications services without a hardwired telephone system. Our VoIP and hosted PBX services allow small and medium businesses to enjoy the convenience of a company phone system that can be used anywhere, allowing employees to operate remotely.
  • Scalable VoIP Phone System
  • Small business use
  • Hardware Lease
  • Auto Attendants
  • System Scheduling
  • Advanced Voicemail

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    Brand identity and Brand management services
    thinq mac design services are good for a startup or a long-time business that needs a refresh. Our branding services include:
  • Web design and web hosting
  • Logo design
  • Social media consultations and education
  • Business Card design
  • Brand identity packages
  • Social media management and maintenance

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