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Computer Reconditioning Process

Our computer reconditioning process has several different features:

1. The caked-on dust and dirt is cleaned from the inside of your computer after all interior components are removed.
2. Thermal paste is reapplied to the processor, graphics card, and other areas where the paste has gone dry.
3. Upon request, we can photograph the process so that you may see the before and after of your machine.

The benefits of the computer reconditioning process are:
1. The temperature of the machine is greatly decreased, which leads to:
2. Speed increase and:
3. Sound decrease.

Removing the dust and dirt from the inside of the computer helps to alleviate a lot of the temperature problems older computers tend to have. This will speed the computer up, because the computer's processor will no longer remain at such a high temperature. The computer may also become quieter, since the fans will not need to kick up so high to fight against the higher temperatures.

The price of a reconditioning is normally $129. If we are already inside of your computer for any other reason, the price of the reconditioning instantly drops to only $79! So, if you have to get anything else done, to it all together, and save some money!

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