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Hardware and Software Diagnostics

Every device that comes in to our store is subject to a full diagnostic to rule everything out before performing any repair.

Our diagnostics involves several hours of hard drive testing, RAM testing, and volume structure testing to see if your computer has passed the test of time. If everything passes, we are a-ok to do the repair! We also do a physical hardware check to make sure everything is working the right way. Based on our diagnostics we make a repair recommendation, or recommendation to abort the repair if we believe the cost out-values its lifespan or cost of a new device.

If we see anything wrong additional to the original issue or issues, we will let you know before performing any work so that we are on the same page as far as what your computer needs to have done to it. If we don't think it's worth working on your device because it is too old or not cost-effective, we will surely let you know, and help you pick out a new computer to do a data transfer to.

We will also perform a full diagnostic of the device after the repair has been completed, to make sure that everything is up to par with our quality standards.

If the computer requires a tear down, or needs to be taken apart to diagnose, we charge a $49 tear down diagnostic. The price of the tear down diagnostic is put towards the cost of the repair if you choose to move forward with a repair at thinq mac. We warranty all of our work for 6 months, which is an industry-leading warranty!

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