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Data Recovery

You may have a MacBook that has been dropped on the floor or an iPhone that has been spilled in some coffee.

This is where the thinq mac data recovery service comes into play. We use a secure method of moving over your data to a new destination, making sure that we can transfer as much of the data that is recoverable. Your information is important to you, so it is important for us to keep it safe for you. This is why we take the utmost care in keeping your data safe and secure. thinq mac takes the least most invasive steps to get your data retrieved, and makes sure that it is done quickly.

thinq mac has various tiers of data recovery services:
1. Tier 1 data recovery - drive must be pulled from machine, but drive is still good.
2. Tier 2 data recovery - software must be used to recover data from the machine, but 90% or more data is recovered.
3. Tier 3 data recovery - if thinq mac is unable to recover data from your drive, we partner with DriveSavers to recover your data (and you get 10% off for partnering with thinq mac!)

DriveSavers: thinq mac is partnered with DriveSavers Data Recovery services for drives and devices that we are unable to recover data from. thinq mac covers shipping to and from DriveSavers, and is able to provide you with a destination hard drive to put data onto. By partnering thinq mac with DriveSavers, customers save 10% off, while receiving exceptional service!

Don't be sad, your data can still be saved!

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