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A little bit about thinq mac

thinq mac was founded by Konstantinos in early 2013. We are an innovative information and technology mecca for Fairfield County and provide the community with 3 core services: Repairs, IT Support and Classes. Our first store, which opened in Fall of 2014, provides a home for those services, as well as high end electronics that integrate with the services that we provide.

The community-based services of thinq mac are rooted in the values of honesty, loyalty, and the most impressive customer service.

thinq mac is dedicated to becoming a cornerstone of Fairfield County's technology needs. Repairs span from iPhones and iPads to MacBooks and iMacs. Our IT Support programs are built for homes and small businesses, ranging from something as simple as setting up a home network, to integrating an IT backbone for your new company, or making a website with online ordering for your business. Our classes consist of free seminars to in-home education and in-office education for your employees.

All of our services are built around the needs of the community and what we see are gaps in the way of those services needed by the community. thinq mac will always be there when something in your technology world goes wrong. Just give us a call, and we'll have the answer for you!
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