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Terms and Conditions

Last Updated August 14, 2013

thinq mac will perform a full diagnostic of the device prior to repair, if the repair matches the customer’s service request, the repair will be completed as requested. If thinq mac technicians find additional problems with the device, they will contact the customer to approve additional repairs. If a customer sends thinq mac a device beyond repair, thinq mac will contact the customer explaining the complications. thinq mac reserves the right to refuse service and return the device. If the customer refuses additional repair recommendations, thinq mac will not be held responsible for any resulting effects. thinq mac will also perform a full diagnostic of the device after the repair has been completed.

All liquid-damaged devices serviced by thinq mac are subject to a non-refundable liquid-damage diagnostic fee, which will not be applied towards the cost of the repair. Liquid-damage treatment does not include component replacement. If components require replacement thinq mac will contact the customer to approve additional repairs. Liquid-damaged devices will receive no warranty.

iPhones with bent frames can be repaired by thinq mac, however the repair will not include any warranty. This is due to the nature of the parts inside the phone that may be damaged from the bending of the device.

thinq mac is not responsible for data loss during repair & servicing. thinq mac strongly recommends that customers backup data before leaving their device. If thinq mac offers to hold a backup for a customer in extreme cases the customer must come back within 14 days of the backup to receive the files. All backups older than 14 days will be deleted.

With or without contact from the customer, devices that are left at thinq mac longer than 30 days incur a $10 charge every 7 days for storage. Total storage charge equals $80 after being left for 28 days past the original 30 days. In the event that a device is left at thinq mac for 58 days, the device becomes property of thinq mac and will be disposed of.

Repair and Service Warranty - thinq mac uses the highest quality parts available. Parts ruled as defective within six months (180 days) of the date of purchase, will be covered under warranty, and eligible for repair or replacement at no additional cost to the customer. The warranty is only valid on parts replaced during the service. If the customer or any other individual or company opens or disassembles the device before or after service by thinq mac, thinq mac reserves the right to terminate the warranty agreement. Virus Removal does not include a warranty due to the nature of the problem.

All Apple© computers and small devices come standard with a one-year limited warranty from Apple©. Apple© does not cover accidental damage under their standard warranty package. Apple© devices that are repaired or customized by thinq mac will lose their Apple© warranty. thinq mac offers a six month (180 day) warranty on the repair and/or components comprising the service as described above. thinq mac is in no way affiliated with Apple©, and makes no claims of such, expressly or implicitly. To view the Apple© warranty, visit

thinq mac reserves the right to accept all terms of agreements in place of the customer on software and devices thinq mac is servicing, necessary to complete the repair or upgrade.

All Retail Sales Final. No Returns or Exchanges.

If a device, serviced by thinq mac, malfunctions within the expressed warranty period it will be eligible for a free diagnostic to determine the nature of the issue. If the results of the diagnostic determine that the malfunction is covered under the expressed repair and service terms, the repair will be completed at no cost to the customer. If the second attempt to repair the device is deemed unsuccessful by thinq mac, the customer will be eligible for a full service refund. In the case that a full refund is issued, thinq mac may remove any installed components and replace with the customer’s original parts, or parts which are in equal working order to the original components at the time of initial service with thinq mac. The device must be present at the time of the refund request.

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