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Some of our Competitors

Many times we are asked what differentiates us from our competition. There are many things, but some of the most important differences are:

Apple Store

The most obvious of the bunch, and a question we get a lot, is “Why not just go to an Apple store?” The answer is simple: Apple has no incentive for you to fix your “old” stuff. The answer is always to buy a new one. We obviously love Apple products, but Apple’s entire business model is built around creating and selling the newest and shiniest gadgets. They are not a service company, and never will be! thinq mac is here to service your equipment, teach you the right way, with a personalized touch. No Apple classes in the middle of a retail store, and 100 people in and out all the time. At thinq mac you get personalized support, with one teacher and one student, in one location.

Best Buy / Geek Squad

Best Buy and Geek squad have IT Support that is centered around helping out PC customers — not Apple or Mac customers. For this reason, Geek Squad will never be the right answer for your iPhone, iPad, and Mac questions and repairs. thinq mac is built around doing things the right way with your Apple and Mac iSupport.

Radio Shack

RadioShack recently started repairing devices as well, but are grasping on trying to keep their brick and mortar stores open. Yes, they do phone repair, but they do not provide all of the other services that thinq mac provides. Come to thinq mac, your one-stop shop for all technology support needs!


iCracked is an interesting business. The iCracked home base is in California, but doesn’t have a physical location. From what we hear, the iCracked techs pay around $1000 to become listed in the database, get some basic tools, and some video training. iCracked claims to offer a 99-year warranty, but who will be there to stand behind that warranty after the iCracked tech decides to stop doing business? iCracked is never the way to go. thinq mac on the other hand, is here to stay. With a physical storefront, there is always somewhere to go back to if there are any questions.

Mall kiosk iPhone repair

These popup shops come and go every other day. We have seen iPhones and iPads come back to us that even we sometimes can not get working again because of the faulty work that is performed. They don’t specialize in any one mobile device, either. They repair anything from Samsungs to HTCs, and can not claim to be experienced on any one individual platform. thinq mac specifically focuses on repairing Apple hardware. This way we keep our quality high, and our defects low.

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