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Data Transfer

Data transfers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You may need to move your data over from an old computer, a hard drive, or an iPhone to one of many other destinations, such as a new computer, an external hard drive, etc. Our data transfer protocol is built to keep your information safe and secure while making a duplication of it on a secondary destination.

This is where the thinq mac data transfer comes in. We use a secure method of moving over your data to a new destination, making sure nothing is lost in the process. If we think there is any chance of failure in that process, we will let you know, let you know why, and let you know what your options are to maintain minimal loss of any information. If the target drive is failing, you may need a data recovery instead.

Your data is important to you, so it is important for us to keep it safe for you. This is why we take the utmost care in keeping your information safe, secure, and backed up. We take the least most invasive steps to move your data, which allows us to keep a high level of safety while performing data transfers.

thinq mac never keeps a copy of your information, and strictly abides by its Privacy Policy.

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